Yulia Romantsova


 Yuliya Romantsova is a gifted Belarusian composer and pianist, secretary of the Composers and Investigators Association of Murcia, Spain, is the piano teacher of music and scenic art Professors Membership of the Ministry of Education and Murcia Universities, 2004-2015. She has been living and working in the capital of Murcia (Spain) since 1994. 

 Yuliya was born to a family of professional musicians and grew up in Minsk,  the capital of Belarus. Since childhood she has been surrounded by music.  Her development was shaped by her father Victor, Romantsov a famous  Belarusian musician, music teacher, and an Honored Worker of culture of the  Republic of Belarus.

 She received excellent education in the conservatoires of Belarus and Spain  where she was taught by the best composers. Her natural gifts of  improvisation and composition helped her become an outstanding pianist and composer and develop her own distinctive, powerful, innovative style.

She is the author and interpreter of three piano discographic albums: RED AND BLACK (new flamenco), piano and flamenco box drum composition. TREES (modern Impressionism) a solo piano suite, perform for the first time in the inauguration of the international exposition of contemporary art (THE TREES’ SKIN)  by the author in Córdoba. FOR YOU (new age) a cycle of piano works performed in her artistic tour sponsored by Cajamurcia.                                 As a pianist, she is a solo artist that performs many concerts of her own plays around Spain. She takes part in several cultural project, festivals, concerts and her monographic concerts in the Bielorrusia State Philharmonic or in the emblematic Byelorussian Union Hall of composers

Yuliya‘s music is equally strongly influenced by Belarusian and Spanish cultures. She writes chamber, vocal, choral, piano and symphonic music and explores a wide range of styles – modern, classical, New Age, and flamenco. The symphonic scene “New Rome”, the string quintet “Rondoquintett”, the concert piece “Euphrosyne of Polatsk” for hammered dulcimer and a sonata-fantasy for piano and marimba are just a few of her works immensely popular with the public.

Yuliya’s original suite collection “Piano mosaic” is on the curriculum of the Higher Conservatory of Music, Murcia, Spain. As a soloist she has played in the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society and the Union of Composers of Belarus. Her concerts always receive broad media coverage. “HECCE HOMO”, a biographical documentary film about Yuliya, has been broadcast on Belarusian TV.


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